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Welcome to Keating Financial Services.
Keating Financial Services is an experienced team of financial professionals working together with individuals, couples, families, and businesses. Because associates of Keating Financial Services are also Investment Advisory Representatives of United Planners Financial Services, we can offer comprehensive financial planning solutions, brokerage, investment advisory, money management services, and insurance.

Our flexibility and full-service capabilities enable us to serve a wide variety of clients, including middle-income families, as well as work with the business community.

It is our goal to be your professional source for objective and unbiased recommendations. We will work diligently with you to assist in determining your financial goals and objectives, and identify the most appropriate tactic and/or strategy for achieving those goals.

All team members of Keating Financial Services are affiliated with United Planners Financial Services’, member: FINRA, SIPC.

Think of the Big Picture

“Begin with the end in mind.”
Steven Covey

Often when dealing with a particular problem in life, it is natural to get very focused and emotionally involved – especially when it comes to financial matters. The more emotional you are about the problem, the less objective you tend to be when it comes to developing solutions. Typically with financial problems, people typically focus on one particular problem and develop short-term tactics for defusing a crisis. In doing so, they tend to overlook the potential for creating more problems down the road. In cases like these, it is often helpful to seek a third party for assistance in gaining an alternative perspective to the particular situation.

We at Keating Financial Services approach these situations by first helping our clients to step “out-of-the-box” so that they can look at the entire picture and gain a different perspective. This is accomplished by evaluating all critical financial issues that may be involved such as tax laws, systematic risks, budgets, cash flows, retirement goals, etc. This “think of the big picture” mentality enables the client to obtain a clear understanding of how various potential solutions will impact the clients long-term goals and objectives. We believe that long-term success of your financial plan begins by focusing on the big picture prior to developing and implementing financial strategies and tactics. Therefore, no matter what stage you are in life or your financial situation, we encourage you to call Keating Financial Services to help you develop a roadmap that will focus on your long-term personal, family, and business goals.