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We understand the competitive nature of the financial services industry and strive to be as flexible as possible by offering fee based advisory services and commissionable securities products through United Planners' Financial Services. Our goal is to provide the maximum value for our clients. We will provide free initial consultation to prospective clients so that we may determine if their needs and our practice are well matched.

Advisor Controlled Charges:

  • Fee for financial planning: Initial meeting is free; hourly fee - $200/hr.
  • Fee based on percentage of assets managed - percentage ranges: .25% to 1.25%.
  • Financial Plans: Fee based on complexity and usually ranges from $1000 to $3000.

Charges Not Set By Advisor:

  • Commissions and/or loads for investment products purchased
  • Trail fees on mutual funds or insurance products
  • Commissions on insurance products purchased


Our clients interests come first. We will recommend products based on what is in their best interest and not based on which one would give us more earnings. When appropriate, we may refer clients to other related professionals for services they are better able to provide than we are (we do not receive referrals or other fees from these professions). When requested, we will work with clients on a fee only basis. Compensation will always be disclosed to the client through contracts and prospectus.

Client Minimums

Our firm is open to accepting new clients. We find value in working with clients that are dedicated to saving and investing but might be in the beginning stages of accumulating process. We do not have asset or income minimums that would exclude lower to middle income consumers. We will speak with every consumer that calls us.

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